Education & Recognition

Competitive Bodybuilder

Original Physiques coach presently competes in classic and light heavy weight bodybuilding.

Stand Out From the Pack

Doctorate of Chiropractic

Original Physiques main coach is currently attending chiropractic college which gives him a strong knowledge of anatomy, physiology and rehabilitation exercise to make sure all clients are taken care of in a safe manner.

Bachelor of Kinesiology

Original Physiques coaching comes from years of experience and a four year degree in Kinesiology which allows for a full understanding of biomechanics and training principles.

Original Physiques is a fitness coaching service aimed at helping you achieve your goals through personalized training and diets tailored to your needs.


At Original Physiques, our goal is to help you become the person you aspire to be. Original Physiques was founded to help people passionate about their training reach the next level whether your focus is your physique, strength or general fitness. We aim to help provide you with personalized training and diet programs with weekly updates and modifications to keep you progressing and motivated.


Founder: Mike Edgar

Founded: 2016

Certifications: Certified personal trainer, Bachelor of Kinesiology, Doctorate of Chiropractic program, classic bodybuilding and LHW bodybuilding competitor


Areas of expertise:  Physique development, dieting and powerlifting

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