Starting with Original Physiques

1. Once you email us at OP@OriginalPhysiques.Com, you will receive a detailed preliminary email explaining the process and philosophy behind Original Physiques with an optional telephone consultation

2. You will then complete a thorough questionnaire to identify your goals, needs and any special considerations

3. Then Original Physiques will design a customized training and nutritional program to help you achieve your goals

4. Once you have begun, you will have weekly email check-ins with your coach to monitor progress and make the necessary changes to your diet or training when needed

5. Any questions are welcome throughout the process with Original Physiques main goal being your success and complete satisfaction with our services

Services Included

1. Personalized training Programs

2. Diet protocols for body composition goals

3. Periodization and tapering for competitions

4. Guidelines and informational sheets on how to properly execute each program

5. 24/7 communication with your coach

Our Approach