Original Physiques is an independent coaching service. The knowledge of your coaching comes from both formal and informal training with myself, Mike Edgar having a bachelors of Kinesiology, attaining my doctorate in Chiropractic and being a certified personal trainer. I also train for bodybuilding and know what it takes to put on muscle, lose fat and get stronger with proper training periodization and dieting.

Original Physiques has been training me for over 5 years now and I couldn't be happier with my results. I have gained over 20lbs of muscle and shredded over 8% of my body fat! His routines are challenging and fun. I'm never bored in the gym and always looking forward to the next day. OP is very personal, professional and genuinely cares about my success. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about a positive lifestyle change.


Ted Papageorgiou,

Electrician and Fitness Enthusiast

Original Physiques has been writing programs for me for a few years now and I have never looked back. They take great interest in my goals and caters their programs to my workout style, needs and acknowledges the areas where I need to improve. Original Physiques is invested in my development and I really trust them with my goals. I am definitely in the best shape of my life in this moment and I owe a lot of that to these programs!...


Jackie Siemon,

National Dragon Boat Athlete

What Clients Say About Us

Individualized coaching helps you achieve your goals faster. With 1-on-1 communication and training and diet programs tailored to your needs things you thought impossible can be achieved. Whether it be attaining your goal physique, getting stronger on your lifts or improving your sport performance, OP can help. Services Include:

Choosing a coach in today's fitness market can be a daunting endeavour. At Original Physiques we understand that and want you to know you're our priority with 1-on-1 communication to help you reach your goals affordably.

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